The Best Damn Rack-

Finally a stand designed and engineered from the ground up for paintball markers.  This paintball stand has few moving parts,  lays flat to easily fit in your gear bag and has panels that you customize.  Make your team and sponsors even more visible with a The Rack from Podium Paintball. 

As always there are no minimum orders.  For more information call us at 480-219-5706 or email

Why Compressions Shirts?

Most jerseys offer the player moist wicking capability that is designed to keep players cooler in the heat and humidity.  Unfortunately 95% of players wear a simple cotton t-shirt underneath their jersey eliminating the moisture wicking effects their jersey offers. 

Compression shirts are designed to work directly with your jersey to provide you a cooler and drier playing experience.  They have also been proven to reduce muscle fatigue.  With the hot and humid weather upon us their is no better time then now to invest a custom compression shirt from Podium Paintball. 

We are now offering our high quality custom compression shirt for what you would pay for a quality off the shelve shirt. 

As always there is no minimum order required.  For more information please contact us at 480-219-5706 or