Each month we plan on providing you articles and videos that we hope you will find informative and entertaining.  We start we a subject that we are always asked about - How do people get their pictures in a magazine?

To answer this we spoke to the foremost authority on paintball photography - Gary Baum of Paintball Photography. 

"One of the most frequent things paintball players ask me, from beginners to pro, is how to get their picture in a magazine. People always ask me how I choose which players to photograph and what can they do to attract the attention of the photographers at a paintball event. The answer is quite simple, all you have to do is ask the photographer at the event or contact them before. I have never turned down a photo request in the eight years I have been photographing paintball. There are some simple guide lines to follow that will attract the attention of photographers at events from small local events to major nation and international events. The first thing that photographers are always looking for are bright colors. There has been, in my opinion as a photographer, an alarming trend toward darker dull colored paintball jerseys. As a photographer I am always looking for bright colors so if you want to attract my attention have your team wear a brightly colored jersey. I am also always looking for something unusual to photograph from bright hair color or unusual colors on masks or any thing that is unique and colorful. I also like mirrored lenses because it add another dimension to a picture When I shoot an event for a major magazine I usually have very specific shots I need to get which usually take up most of my time but once I have gotten to required pictures I then have some free time to wander around the event looking for something interesting either in the crowd or among the lower division players. I am always on the lookout for bright colors so if you want to attract my attention stay away from dull colors. Of course having the paintballphotography.com logo on your jersey always guarantees special photo treatment. I also tend to photograph players that have paintballphotography.com stickers on their equipment, which I freely give away at events.There are some things to avoid since I am shooting for the magazines, if you have any profanity, political, religiously offensive, or any thing controversial I will probably ignore you or delete you pictures. I am at events to make money and get pictures published so I tend to shoot only want can be published"